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Project scope

Project scope

Nowadays, the difficulty to develop new markets is one of the main problems that young innovative companies of the Sudoe territory find after their first national success, which is due to a weak financial capacity and a lack of skills at an international level. And these are the needs that RYME tries to solve, through innovation and internationalization.

Thus, RYME will support and enhance the international development of 100 young innovative companies in Portugal, France, Spain, USA and Brazil: 50 Sudoe companies (20 French, 10 Portuguese and 20 Spanish), as well as 50 complementary foreign companies (25 American and 25 Brazilian) selected - through a diagnosis tool - to take part in the project.

All these companies will be in contact through a web platform in order to find matching opportunities, in the same way that some matching sessions will be organized, in order to promote bilateral or multilateral commercial opportunities. Companies will also take part in different training workshops about internationalization and will benefit from the collaboration of partners with business schools and universities of their territories that will develop market studies about internationalization in the selected markets and sectors (Biotech, Greentecha and ICT).

This way, RYME will provide an advanced support to the selected companies, answering the priority necessities of the Sudoe territory concerning technological services, development of international commercial sectors and transnational cooperation.