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Orféa acoustique

Orféa acoustique

We have been part of the Ryme program since December 2013, and have since been able to see it's benefits. The program's primary objective is to know how we can help SMEs with their international development. And all the more so now, as exporting has become part of our various challenges. Which is the reason why we registered.

The program has allowed us to gain essential concepts in order to negotiate with Brazilians and Americans, through country days organised by AVRUL. Furthermore, we were given the opportunity to interact directly with guest speakers who knew everything about the countries in question.

Today we have built up a good relationship with Mr. Bonvoisin (speaker from the U.S. training) with whom we have regular contact. Based in Chicago, this contact acts as a middleman between France and the United States. Enabling us to use his experience, and expertise in order to find potential prospects. We hope that this will lead us to long lasting, and successful business relations. "We are currently very happy to be part of the program.

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