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Being part of the RYME project has been a great opportunity to expand our international and local network.

For the participants the journey of internationalization begins with a detailed tour of the legal and business aspects of internationalization in five different countries, having as mentors expert internationalization professionals that provide follow-up outside the classroom as well. As in every international travel, a good map is necessary to make the most of our journey. RYME has provided such a map in the form of an in-depth study of our current position in the local and international market that has helped us assess our strengths and weaknesses.

With the acquired experience, we look forward to the final phase of the project which will provide an opportunity to get in contact with international companies that have embarked in the same journey to create synergies and new market opportunities.

As in every trip, the memorable moments have been defined by the companies and professionals we have met along the way. RYME has created an ecosystem in which a network of peers can come together and do business in a structured environment that would be hard to recreate on our own.

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